ORION Rigel: Unmatched Quality, Unbeatable Price

Orion Rigel Series is our mid-range LED screens series, which is also our most popular LED screens in the digital advertising industry. We provide dynamic and eye-catching displays that are made up of leading technology and great quality. Our Orion Rigel LED Screens promises exceptional visuals, durability, and great performance for both indoor and outdoor needs.

Orion Rigel series offers you

Delivering Stunning Visuals

Orion Rigel Series delivers stunning visuals that help to communicate your message to your audience with clarity. Our digital displays' LED lights are composed of gold wire, This gold wire extends the life of the LED and guarantees excellent content delivery.

Advanced Designs

Orion Rigel LED displays come with advanced designs that are innovative and trendy. The technology behind its manufacturing of lightweight cabinets and the noiseless design assures better installation and easy maintenance.

Guarantees Reliable Performance

Our Rigel series comes with 3 years of warranty and these screens are capable of running 24*7

IP65 Protection

The Rigel series promises you super performance and super protection. With the IP65 Protection, our LED displays work under all weather conditions and are fully waterproof.

Lesser Power Consumption

It is one of our unique selling points as we have used the best quality components in our screens that protect the screens from consuming more power. Due to low power consumption, our LED screens are cost-effective and fit your budget.


The Orion Rigel Series is a mid-range LED screen that provides outstanding images, durability, and performance in both indoor and outdoor environments. The Rigel series ensures clarity in expressing your message with stunning displays made from cutting-edge technology and outstanding quality. Discover the most popular choice for amazing picture quality at unbeatable prices - ORION Rigel, where premium components meet smart design.