ORION Bellatrix: Affordable, Efficient Signage Solutions

Orion Bellatrix LED screens are our budget-friendly series for simple signage solutions. We advise our clients of this series if they have the requirement of LED screens that have to run for a shorter period. As this series are entry-level screens that is why they are affordable led displays with basic functionalities. Standard quality and good performance can be found in these LEDs.

Orion Bellatrix series offers you

Slim and Lightweight- sheet metal cabinet and magnesium die-cast

18 Months Warranty

This series guarantees continuous functioning through the use of remote content management. We provide 18 months of warranty on this series.

Low Pixel Pitch wide range of pixel pitch

Our LED screens are ideal for close-up viewing angles and give the audience an experience of crisp and clear image quality.

Energy Saver

One of our distinctive selling advantages is less energy use since we employ high-quality parts in our displays to prevent the panels from using more electricity. Our LED screens are economical and fit into your budget due to their low power usage.

IP65 Protection

The Bellatrix series gives you outstanding performance and extreme protection with IP65 protection. Our LED screens function in any weather and are completely waterproof due to the IP65 protection.


Orion Bellatrix shows up as the most cost-effective and efficient solution for simple signage requirements. This budget-friendly LED family maintains standard quality and reliable performance. These screens, with IP65 protection, guarantee a waterproof and reliable signage solution. Elevate your signage needs with ORION Bellatrix, your go-to choice for simple signage solutions offering budget-friendly options with reliable performance and standard quality.