Experience unparalleled clarity and brilliance with the ORION Betelgeuse Series

Orion Betelgeuse series presents a range of the most sophisticated products for both outdoor and indoor needs. To enhance the visual impact, we have a premium series of LED screens made up of the finest quality LED bulbs. From the cabinet designs to the driving components, everything in the Betelgeuse series gives competition to the top brands of LED.

Orion Betelgeuse series offers you

Ultra High Resolution

Orion Betelgeuse provides ultra-high resolution for clear and detailed imaging and has stunning brightness, high contrast ratio, and colour reproduction. The LED bulbs used in our digital displays are made up of gold wire. This gold wire increases the lifespan of the LED and ensures you give great content quality.

Non-Stop Working

Betelgeuse LED screens come with 7 years of warranty and these screens are capable of running 24*7*365.

Lesser Power Consumption

This is one of our unique selling points as we have used the best quality components in our screens that protect the screens from consuming more power. Due to low power consumption, our LED screens are cost-effective and fit in your budget.

Flicker Free Viewing Experience

We use modern 16-bit processing technology to provide you with the finest video quality, as well as a fine pixel pitch LED with a high-resolution display to present you with the greatest image quality. Our LED panels deliver a flicker-free viewing experience with refresh rates from 3840 Hz.

Easy Installation and maintenance

We provide simple cable installation and mounting of LED cabinets. It may be serviced from the front in the event of an issue with the LED module or the system board. With the help of a magnetic tool, the LED module may be quickly changed without disrupting the entire LED wall.


Our Orion Betelgeuse series represents our premium series which is made up of high-quality components. It offers a wide range of digital signage solutions suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. Orion Betelgeuse LED displays are premium LED screens delivering ultra-high resolution, stunning brightness, contrast, and color reproduction.