Outdoor LED display

Outdoor LED displays are one of the powerful ways of brand promotion and communication. They are more visible, offer dynamic and compelling content, and can target specific audiences. Orion Outdoor LEDs are designed to operate effectively under all weather conditions. Orion Outdoor displays are now an integral part of communication and advertising, with numerous possibilities for innovation and communication.

Transform Spaces with Orion's Outdoor LED Displays

Key Features-
Pixel Pitch in mm P3.91, P4.8, P6, P8, P10
Brightness 10,000 nits
Contrast 10,000:1
Viewing Angle in H/V 160/160
Refresh Rate in HZ 3840
Color Depth 16 bit
MTBF in hrs 10,000

Finest Quality Components

Orion Outdoor LED displays come with high-quality PCBA material. We have used high-quality components that can compete with other big brands. We value excellence and use top components to assure optimal performance, durability, and visual brilliance. Experience cutting-edge technology that distinguishes itself in the industry, giving the highest quality for your outdoor display requirements.

All-Weather Design

Orion LEDs are IP65 (Ingress Protection) rated. OutdoorThis rating ensures that the LEDs are strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain and storms. The IP65 rating denotes the durability and protection of LED screens against water and dust. Orion LEDs are all weatherproof, they can work in both low and high-humid areas.

High Brightness and High Contrast

Orion LEDs have a maximum brightness of up to 10,000 nits and a high contrast ratio of 10,000:1which is suitable for all outdoor spaces to provide great picture and video quality. We use bigger bulb sizes even in smaller pixel pitches to gain high brightness output which leads to excellent visibility under direct sunlight.

Wider Viewing Angle

Orion LED Screens offer wide viewing angles because outdoor LED screens are often viewed by people from various angles, depending on their location and the layout of the outdoor space. A wider viewing angle assures that the content is visible and clear to the audience whether they are near or far from the screen. It enhances the versatility and effectiveness of outdoor displays and ensures maximum visibility.

Wide Range of Pixel Pitch

Outdoor LED display pixel pitch is an important technical characteristic that determines image clarity. Outdoor displays commonly have larger viewing distances which is why Orion LEDs offer a wide range of pixel pitches depending on the viewing distance and customer's requirement. Pixel pitch is particularly important for large-format displays used in DOOH because the audience may be located at different distances from the screen.

All of these characteristics make Orion LEDs ideal for any outdoor setting. .

The advantages of outdoor LED displays go beyond their technical specifications.

Outdoor LED displays offer benefits that go beyond their technical specifications. They can display dynamic and eye-catching content, they are effective advertising and brand promotion tools in high-traffic outdoor venues. Large LED billboards, for example, draw the attention of people walking by while conveying effective messages with colorful visuals. Orion Indoor LED screens are here to provide you with the best solution for your brand advertising.