Benefits of Digital Signage In the Corporate Sector.

Branding And Marketing

Showcasing your brand via digital screens can give you a great brand presence in the industry. Posting visually appealing content consistently on digital screens to aware customers of your brand can be a game-changer for you. You not only can display the features of your product and services in a dynamic way to market yourself but also share the brand promotions to gain more customer attention and influence them.

Internal Communication and Employee Management

To run any business successfully, clear communication and great management among the employees are very important and digital signage helps you to accomplish both of these. With the real-time updates feature you can make your employees well-informed about new events and activities happening in the company. Installation of an LED Screen in the conference room will give your office a new and advanced look. High-quality visual presentations help your employees to engage actively in any decision-making. You can connect with people from different regions to join board meetings virtually, making sure crucial decisions are not delayed because of distance.

Client and Visitor Engagement

First impression is the last impression” is the most common saying in the corporate world. Digital signage gives you the ease of making an unforgettable impression on your visitors and clients by running impactful content on the digital LED screen. Professional digital boards and information panels in the lobby and reception area enhance the overall look of your office and engage your clients and visitors.

What Orion Offers

High-brightness, High-Contrast Display Solutions for Areas With Short Viewing Distances Like Boardrooms and Conference Rooms.

Customized and Scalable LED Cabinets Designs for All Types of Office Spaces.

Integration of Online Content Management Software for Campaigns Management.

Multi Input Support For Video Conferencing and Online Meeting.

Aluminium Die Cast Cabinets for Compact and Lightweight Designs.

Noiseless Designs for Better Experience in Corporate Spaces.