Benefits of Digital Signage In the Hotels.

Branding and Ambiance

Digital LED video walls and digital standees at hotels, contribute to overall branding and ambiance. High-resolution displays with dynamic videos and images, showcase the hotel's dedication towards innovation and excellence, and leave a positive impression on guests. You can also run personal welcome messages for certain guests to create an unforgettable personalized experience.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Digital LED screens can provide entertainment in common spaces such as lobbies and waiting areas, offering a pleasant and engaging environment for guests. For hotels with international guests, LED screens can help in communicating in different languages and sharing important information with international guests.

Queue Management

Digital signage may help manage queues in areas such as the front desk or valet by showing waiting times, options for service, and relevant information, improving overall client satisfaction.

What Orion Offers

Noiseless Designs to add beauty to Hotel’s Aesthetics.

High-Resolution Visuals to Attract Customers’ Attention.

High Refresh Rate of 3840 Hz to Provide Flicker Free Experience.

Content Management Software With a User-Friendly Interface to Control Content Remotely.

Classic Designs of Digital Standee for Receptions and Lobbies.

Lightweight Cabinets for Easy Installation and Maintenance.