Benefits of Digital Signage In the Events.

Rental Screens

Rental LED Screens are the best solution for Digital Signage for events. Taking screens on rent saves the cost and gives you the ease of running different forms of content on a single screen. Rental LED screens have high contrast and high brightness to provide an amazing picture and video quality in both indoor and outdoor events.

Easy Mounting and Unmounting

Rental LED screens are easy to mount and unmount because they are designed to be portable, lightweight, and modular. They can be mounted on any structure as per the requirements of the event’s venue.

Enhance Aesthetics

The clean and advanced design of digital screens adds to an event's overall aesthetics. An LED screen that is well-placed and visually appealing can help to create a more professional and high-tech experience.

What Orion Offers

Corner Protected Designs for Reducing Transportation Damage.

Front and Rear Serviceability Feature for Convenient Access and Replacement of LED Modules.

Angular Lock for Curved and Straight LEDs to Make it Versatile in Shape.

In-built Climbing Structure for Easy Maintenance.

Lightweight and Modular Designs to Easy Installation and Configuration.

High MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) to Reduce Chances of Screen Failure During Events.