Benefits of Digital Signage In the Entertainment Sector.

Enhanced Sets and Stages

Digital signage can provide dynamic visual backdrops by showing high-resolution images and videos that enhance the show's theme. This produces a visually engaging experience for the audience. Also, projection mapping can be done using digital signage, transforming ordinary surfaces into dynamic and visually amazing displays. This enhances stage designs by adding depth, movement, and visual interest. LED screens are used as floor also to make the floor more attractive.

Advertising and Sponsorship

The LED screens can run dynamic content, which helps the brand promote itself by grabbing the audience’s attention. The attention-catching content helps the advertiser to communicate effectively with the targeted audience. Digital signage is an excellent tool for recognizing and promoting sponsors. Sponsors can be featured with dynamic images, logos, and messaging, boosting their visibility and association with the event.

Live Streaming and Broadcasting

Live streaming and broadcasting of events and concerts can be shown on LED video walls. This allows viewers in the venue or nearby locations to watch the event in real-time. To enhance the sense of participation in the audience, interactive screens can do wonders. One can remotely handle the content for seamless adjustments during live streaming.

What Orion Offers

Anti Slip LED Panels for Floor to Make Stage Areas Attractive.

4 Layer PCB for Ensuring Glitch Free Experience for the Audience.

High Colour Depth for More Colour Palette.

Innovative Designs for Mounting LED Panels As Per Space Availability.

Excellent Designs of Mask and Uniform Colors and Luminance for the Best Viewing Experience

High MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and High Quality SMPS for Minimal Power Consumption.