Benefits of Digital Signage DOOH Advertising

Cost-effective Advertising

Who does not want to market their business without unnecessary expenditure? DOOH allows you to advertise yourself innovatively without spending on printing pamphlets, billboards, etc. LED screens are capable of running dynamic content on it which saves the printing and material cost. All you have to do is to create images and videos of your products and services, and you are good to go. Investment in DOOH is a long-term cost-effective method to advertise your brand, you can run multiple content on a single screen, and there is no need to expend on printing new content again and again.

Location-Based Targeting

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Advertising helps you display ads that are relevant to local audiences. Advertisers are going for DOOH because it helps them in geotargeting. Digital Out Of Home gives you the facility to change the content according to the local audience. It also allows you day partying means to schedule and change content based on the time of day. Those who have businesses with multiple locations can run local campaigns to attract the local audience.

Easy Management

DOOH provides digital signage solutions which include simple and easy-to-use interfaces that allow advertisers to upload, organize, and schedule material without requiring significant technical knowledge. You can manage content on digital LED screens from a single location. This means that all the changes, updates, and content scheduling can be done remotely, eliminating the need for on-site management. LED panels with an IP65 rating are waterproof and work in every weather condition.

What Orion Offers

Gold Wire LED Bulb Panels for Low Power Consumption

High Brightness and Contrast for Displaying Dynamic and Versatile Content

Wider Viewing Angle to Enhanced Accessibility of Audience.

IP65 Rating ensures Waterproofing of LED Cabinets

Front and Rear Access for Easy Maintenance.

Content Management Software to Remotely Control the Content.