India's Largest Outdoor LED Screen at the Hyderabad Horse Racing Course

In the world of LED technology, size often matters, and this case study takes us to the Hyderabad Horse Racing Course, where you will encounter India's Largest LED screen. This digital display is 150*30 feet, which is one of a kind. We as a team were very proud of ourselves when we successfully installed this gigantic LED Screen.

The Challenge

The Foot-over-Bridge near FUN Mall serves as a crucial pedestrian pathway for the public, and the project presented several challenges:

Visibility of Horse Race

The Hyderabad Race Course (HRC) organizes horse races, but due to its large racing track, the full race was not visible to the audience. To solve this issue HRC contacted us and we understand their needs and figure out solutions for this problem.

Structural Engineering

To ensure that the LED screen could resist numerous environmental factors, such as strong winds and monsoons, it required meticulous structural engineering due to its sheer size and weight.

Power and Connectivity

It was difficult to manage the connectivity and power needs for such a large screen. It was necessary to install a reliable electrical system to support the operation of the display.

Content Delivery

Live race telecasts and race updates, delivering these types of content that could effectively utilize such a vast screen was another challenge. Ensuring that the visuals remained sharp and engaging across the entire display was a task that required effective strategy and planning.

The Solution

Our team harnessed their expertise to overcome these formidable challenges:

Display Races Effortlessly

With the help of the P10 LED screen (Betelgeuse series) we successfully created 150*30 feet of LED Screen, where the race course audience can easily watch the whole race without any hassle

Structural Expertise

The support system was expertly designed by a group of experienced structural engineers and architects, who took into consideration factors like wind resistance and the capacity to bear adverse environmental condition

Power Consumption and Robust Connectivity

The use of energy-efficient LED technology was essential to keep power consumption manageable. A dedicated connectivity system was established, ensuring uninterrupted content delivery. PLC- SCADA-based system was installed for remote power management. The integration of remote monitoring allowed for immediate issue resolution.

Content Optimization

Advanced software was utilized to ensure seamless synchronization across the display.

The Result

Our project on the Foot-over-Bridge near FUN Mall, Lucknow, is a testament to our dedication to seamlessly integrate technology into urban spaces, enhancing convenience, safety, and entertainment for the public. The project has received media attention and was praised by the media for becoming a significant example of how technology can enhance the urban environment. As a digital LED screen manufacturer, we are proud to contribute to urban development by pushing the boundaries of LED display innovation.